Our Mission

  • The Human Rights Group is planning to challenge the advocate centered adversarial justice system and demand it be replaced by judge centered Inquisitive Justice System to do justice and avoid delay in justice The Group shall press for implementation of Justice Dr. V.S. Malimath Committee Report at various forums.

  • The wishes to hold training sessions for policemen allover India about handling rape complaints and rape investigations. We feel that FIR registering facility must be at the District Magistrates office and not at police stations. The officer at the desk should be a civil service officer not a police officer. Fear and hesitation in the mind of a woman has to be removed first is the Group’s view. In the matter of investigation of crimes against women rape and assault the evidence collection stage is important.
  • The woman has to be told by IO that she must rush for medical examination before talking bath or washing that polluted part of the body. Vital biological evidence is lost. Such many things group will include on the basis latest development in forensic science.