26 Jun

Human Rights violation in the Supreme Court of India’s Registry

Fraudulent listing of SLP (Civil) against  an ageing   scholarly  person  to usurp his entire property .   SLP (Civil) No.8140 of 2017 to be heard on 6th July 2018  is total fraud played  on court by  three  lawyers. One from Delhi,  one from Aurangabd and one from Nanded

The legal principle behind listing and hearing  of appeals  is that  Supreme Court   must list  only  those   special Leave petitions  in which a substantial question of law  is raised  by the petitioner   which was ignored  by  the  High  Court.   In  Special  Leave Petition No.8140 of  2017   has  been  listed   fraudulently  by  the petitioner  and his lawyer  with  the aid of  someone in the registry. Petitioner has filed an unregistered homemade document which is not a will and which is above the value of Rs. One hundred.

According to section 17 of   The Registration Act  1908  document   meant  to  transfer property of the value  above Rs. One hundred should be   compulsorily   registered   in sub registrar’s office (Suraj Lamps and Industries v. State of Harayana 2011) How can listing be done when the property document   seeking validation is not a registered  document  and it is homemade  ?   Besides the certified copy of disputed document is not filed   in Supreme Court by the petitioners,   but a retyped   altered   cut and paste copy has been filed.  The crux of the falsehood is that   original document seeking transfer of property   has been typed on Godrej Prima typewriter allegedly in 1985 when Godrej Prima did not exist in 1985.

As per the archives “Making the Indian Typewriter: Godrej Story”   the typewriter Godrej Prima was developed in 1988 and marketed widely after 1989.  Second falsehood is that the stamp paper was not purchased by one of the executants but was purchased   by a stranger by name one Mazamat Ali s/o Mohammed Bashir and was re- purchased by petitioners in black market. Additional name of second purchaser G.B.Enterprises does not appear in stamp vender’s register. Copy of the entry in vendor register was obtained from Inspector General of Registration Pune.

Mazamat Ali had purchased two stamp papers in one day i.e.30 April 1985 Name of second purchaser was written later. Third   falsehood is that and   the date stamp affixed by the of stamp vendor is “30 April 1985” but the matter was typed and executed   on “1st April 1985”. Shockingly thirty 30 days before the stamp paper was purchased which is physically not possible unless the executants   travel   in Time Machine backwards. The Time Machine is a science fiction novel by H.G.Wells  published in 1895

In Ramrameshwari Devi v. Nirmla Devi 2011 The Supreme Court   said that first step is scrutiny of the documents and pleadings.  The registry in Supreme Court is not exempted from the rule of scrutiny.   Why the petitioners were allowed to file  altered  property  document  and   why  they prayed   to  validate  the ousted  document  and how  this pleading could   raise   substantial  question of Law?.

The respondent  in  SLP 8140 of 2017  has  been robbed of  his right to a fair trial. Existentialism is a philosophy concerned with finding self and the meaning of life through free will, choice, and personal responsibility. The belief is that people are searching to find  out  who and what they are throughout life as they make choices based on their experiences, beliefs, and outlook.

In the document  the  petitioners say that there was oral partnership . Profit and Loss Account was prepared  balance Sheet  was drawn up  accepted  by all   and money was paid  as compensation for  part of land  to the victim  of fraud  but  these accounts   were never   enclosed to bogus retirement deed  since there are no accounts at all.   From 2011 till  2018  the fabricated  document claiming  oral pertnership  is making rounds  of several courts  but no court  ordered  respondent in trial court to bring  and submit  accounts. The accounts are not submitted  with SLP also. Shocking  above everything  is that  the bogus document  doesn’t   mention survey  number, name of the village, name of taluka and  not even  name of the district  of  the suit land.   Sale deed is in individual names  but a bogus partnership  that is verbal  is claimed and from that  bogus partnership   retirement  of one  joint owner  is claimed     Such colossal  fraud  before  the eyes  of the  Honorable  Judges ?

The document which is enlisted   as  property  document  is not only fabricated  the fabricator had also signed  as witness   on  the document  and   he was murdered   on 31-12 -1992. The murder  remains unsolved  till the date  of   filing of SLP,  till  registry doing  delay condonation   and   illegal listing. Summary A   in murder of witness to document was filed  and  case  was closed.  Murder of witness to document has been suppressed by the   petitioners  in   pleading in the Supreme Court. After murdering witness to bogus document  the petitioners in Supreme court     are about to kill the  respondent  in Supreme court.     Can such   SLP  (Civil )  in which murder  has taken place  and suppressed  by petitioner  be listed by registry?  What has  happened  to  my country’s  judicial system  ?  is the question  respondent  in  SC has been asking.    It is  just Like the  mafia  did  in  Unnav  recently   the respondents  in trial court who lost in District court and also in High Court  are doing.  One of them has  filed  summary defamation case  against the victim and the magistrate  issued process against   the victim  for harassment  whenI  victim  is  74 year old.  Base  of defamation  is victim’s   written submission in the  about murder  of witness to court. Another base  is victim’s  application  to the Superintendent of Police and  one   article  written byline by one sanjeev Kulkarni   who wrote article byline  and deposed in court that he wrote because  victim told him to write.   Author of  article  is not made party  newspaper  is not made a party   but the plaintiff in trial court who is himself a victim  has been made  a party.   The magistrate after   taking bribe  ordered   victim  to  give bail of   Rs.15k .  This reminds  the  plaintiff victim in trial court  of the  post-modernist   novel “Trial”  by Franz Kafka.  In Kafka’s novel  without victim  committing  crime or any mischief  the trial goes on and finally victim is  hanged.   The plaintiff victim has been beaten up several  times  in trial court premises by opponent land mafia   in  Hazur sahib Nanded. After reporting   assault  to the  Principal District judge  no action was taken. The PDJ asked the  assaulting  advocate  (who had been  one accused in Bomb Blast case of 2006 ) to come to chamber and asked “Shrimanji kaya hua tha? “ Then he immediately ordered peon  to  arrange  for  tea and biscuits  for the advocate who assaulted.  Unnav is not alone a place where  judiciary and the police are mute spectators.   Nanded is another such place  but  it is in Maharshtra.

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